Avioane cu jocuri

Why, said he, dost thou pray to me to dispense with this treasure of the Gentiles, when thou seest the poverty of my chapel. Go avioane cu jocuri the house of Lope Sanchez, crave in my name a portion of the Moorish gold, to furnish two candlesticks for the main altar, and let him possess avioane cu jocuri residue in peace. When the good woman heard of this vision, she crossed herself with awe, and going to the secret place where Lope had hid the treasure, she filled a great leathern purse with pieces of Moorish gold, and gave it to the friar. The pious monk bestowed upon her, in return, benedictions enough, if paid by Heaven. to enrich her race to the latest posterity; then avioane cu jocuri the purse into the sleeve of his habit, he folded his hands upon his breast, and departed with an air of humble thankfulness.
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